Corporate solutions

Count on our transparent, agile and innovative commitment so that, together, we can go further...

No one makes it easier to choose, specify and install high performance Floors and Lining systems in the Food and Beverage industry than Quantum. 

Single source Waranty

Project  + Material  + Sales + Management + Installation = Quantum Total Commitment.

Quantum manufactures and installs high performance Floor and Lining Systems exclusively for the Food and Beverage industry. We offer world class solutions and local management of the most complex adversities.

                                 Global specs

Plan global. Act local ... and we will follow each step together.

We offer you, in any part of the Globe, our exclusive Floor and Lining Systems installed and managed by our local experienced and committed field staff. 

Details taken to  extreme


We look after details; to make it all look easy

The entire process for every job, since the project specifications up to installation completion is taken care by our field engineers.  We look carefully after every detail to secure success and leave no room for failures. Call Quantum and understand why 100% of our customers are repeat buyers!

Unparalleled  durability


Good is Excellent´s enemy. In hostile environments, just the excellent will last. 

Quantum Floor Systems are made to last the most extreme conditions. We offer a complete range of polymer floor and lining technologies, installation techniques and different finishings. 

On time. On Budget. Always!


Pioneering, Commitment and innovation, Global reliable Floor and Lining Solutions. 

Our customers are either Global major players and Market leaders. They don´t play around. We don´t either. Repair floors in Food and Beverage processing facilities requires a number of challenges. 



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Quantum is a market leader by excellence manufacturing and installing high performance Floor and Lining systems exclusivelly for the Food and Beverage industry. 


Explore our locations around the world

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Quantum is present in some of the major Food and Beverage trade shows.



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